I was always interested in visual expression and developed an early interest in photography. Desiring more control led to studying drawing and painting later in my life.  I began taking evening classes at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, while working in the Twin Cities. Working in oils, I painted still life and landscapes.  
I moved back to New York City fifteen years ago after having been away for 25 years and continued my studies at the Art Students League. The city offered me new challenges and new subjects – cityscapes. While the city provides momentous vistas, I was interested in making a more intimate statement wanting  to reflect those instances; the brief moments we see in the city but don’t examine. Focusing on these moments allows me to use color, form and texture to express my reactions to the fast paced life in the city.
The juxtaposing of colored forms in a meaningful way for cityscapes, led to the exploration of non-objective art. In non-objective paintings I make an artistic statement by condensing color, form and movement.